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As member-owned financial cooperatives, credit unions strive to provide their members with the best possible financial services. Of course, credit unions don't operate in a vacuum. The rates that they offer and the services their members demand (and can afford) are tied to the local, state, and national economies.

On this page, you'll find links to websites that provide portals to data, statistics, and analysis that help provide a little economic background and context for credit union operations in Montana and the U.S. The "Featured Resource" is something — a report, website, infographic, blogpost — that we find particularly timely or that we've just discovered and found interesting or useful. 

Montana Statistics (12/31/15)

  • Montana Credit Unions: 52
  • Total Members: 381,000
  • Avg Assets per Credit Union: 87.9 mil.
  • Asset Growth: 4.59%
  • Loan Growth: 7.25%
  • Membership Growth: 1.98%  
  • Share Growth: 4.54%
  • Net Worth/Assets: 11.4%
  • Loans/Shares: 62.06%

The Montana Economic Report

Bureau of Business & Economic Research at the University of MT

This year, the Bureau of Business and Economic Research, launched the Montana Economic Report -- a 40-page publication that compiles the work of economics researchers and faculty members across the Montana University System. The result is a concise look at pertinent and valuable information about our state's economy, workforce, and business climate. The Montana Economic Report is a great resource if you want to learn more about statewide economic performance in 2015 or get an overview of the health of Montana's nine key industries. The publication tackles more in depth topics and trends affecting Montana's economy like the future of coal, Montana's property tax system, and the outmigration of Montana's college-educated workers.

 Credit Union statistics

Montana Statistics

 National Statistics

Websites that offer access to credit union-specific data.



Also of Interest

Websites that help form a picture of the Montana economy.

Statistics and reports on Montana's workforce, gathered and curated by the MT Department of Labor & Industry. They publish Montana Economy at a Glance, a monthly newsletter (most recent issue is December 2015), and special reports like Examining Montana's Wages (January 2015)

The Census and Economic Information Center in the MT Department of Commerce provides current data, demographic, maps, and analysis on economics and business; income, poverty, and health insurance; energy, and more.

Also of Interest

Portals to national trends, issues, and economic developments.

Access to more facts than you can imagine about people, business, and geography.

U.S. Department of Labor

Data on employment, wages and benefits, inflation and consumer spending, business costs, and much more.

Minneapolis Federal Reserve

The FRB Ninth District (which includes Montana) has sections on its website for economic research and regional economy. Both of which offer access to a wealth of research and information, including a regional economic forecast.

Also of Interest