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Credit Union Philosophy

Credit unions are unique … and, in today’s credit union, it is not enough to know how to price products and services. Everyone, including directors, managers, and staff, needs to understand why credit unions are in the business they are in. When our staff and volunteers understand and are comfortable speaking about this, we will thrive.

So, what is the Credit Union Difference?

Well, credit unions are financial cooperatives that embrace the seven cooperative principles and seek to follow the model of "People Helping People." But what that actually means might differ a bit from person to person.

#CUDifference Campaign

CUNA's #CUdifference campaign gives credit union advocates a chance to explain. Take a few minutes to think about how you think credit unions make a difference in the lives of their members, and then record and add your 15-second video! Here are videos from Tracie Kenyon (our President/CEO),  Donya Parrish (our VP–Advocacy), and author and trainer Lisa Bodell.

Credit Union Philosophy

To help people better understand the "how and why" of credit unions, below are links to information that addresses credit unions' unique history, structure, and philosophy. We have plans to update and add additional information to the topics below to engage and keep existing staff and volunteers as up-to-date as possible about the changes happening within the Credit Union Movement.